Industrial Centrifuges


Leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Chennai, our product range includes Industrial Centrifuges such as Cooling Centrifuge, Clinical Centrifuge and High Speed Centrifuge.

Cooling Centrifuge


The refrigerated centrifuges are now available with upgraded technology. Use of brushless induction motor with frequency drive permits user to achieve better speed control and also reduces noise level considerably.

these are useful for centrifugation of temperature sensitive material and find application in routine and research work in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology,etc.


  • pre setting of speed, temperature and time
  • speed holding accuracy 100 rpm
  • safety lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation.
  • digital speed indicator, 0-99 minutes digital timer
  • digital temperature indicator cum controller
  • dynamic brake and imbalance detector with cutoff
  • unique safety rotor identification
  • over current overheating safety cutoff for motor protection.
maximum rpm 20000

Clinical Centrifuge


It is designed to meet the meet the majority of small capacity centrifuging requirements of medical practitioners, pathological laboratories and hospitals for routine centrifuging test. The units are fitted with resiliently mounted motor for vibration free performance having built in  5 step speed regulator. Available with swing out or angle rotor.





4 X 15ml, 6 x 15ml, 8 x 15ml

Swing out

3500 – 4000RPM


High Speed Centrifuge


These centrifuge is widely used in auxiliary laboratories in industry, research institutes, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories and agriculture soil testing for determination of’ moisture equivalent of soil, it is also suitable for determination of settlement of paints, pastes, cosmetics and food products.


  • stepless speed regulator with zero start interlock
  • digital speed indicator & dynamic brake
  • 0-99 minutes digital count down timer & imbalance detector with cut off
  • safety lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation.
  • rotor heads available in various capacities
  • both angular and swing out rotor heads
  • maximum rpm 20000